Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Children and Lions (Дети и львы)

When two Russian soldiers find a young boy on a battlefield they must decide what to do with him.

Written by: David Gordezky

Directed by: Braden League

Director of Photography: Adriel Gonzalez

Original Score by: Dallas J. Howard

Audio Technician: Alex Kupczyk

Editing & VFX: Braden League

Lyev: Matthew Gardner

Tolik: Dakota Böttcher

Joseph: Dylan Turczan

Solider 1: Braden League

Solider 2, Solider 4: Matt Savan

Solider 3: Kane Lafia

Solider 5: Spencer Doughtie

Sniper: David Gordezky

And thank you to everyone else who helped make this movie possible.

We used two DSLR's to shoot this, a t2i with a 18-135mm f/5.6-3.5 and a 60D with a 50mm f/1.8.

PS: I apologize for any butchering of the Russian language. In the original script the translations were correct but I don't speak Russian and I edited it.